Academy Rules

  1. The standing rules and regulations of the Academy shall be binding on all students. These rules can be changed without prior intimation to the students
  2. Fees once paid are not refundable or transferable for any reason under any circumstances
  3. If the behavior of the student is found detrimental to the smooth functioning of the academy and the hostel, he will be dismissed / removed from the academy and the debarred students will not be re-admitted.
  4. Students are expected to maintain strict discipline in academy, hostel campus and when proceeding outside during training period. Use of alcohol, tobacco and other illegal drugs are strictly prohibited. Possession of mobile phones by any trainee is also strictly prohibited. If any student found violating the same shall be liable to be dismissed from the academy
  5. Academy is not responsible for any kind of accident /death/physical injuries indulged during training/practical in the academy or any other place of training/practical outside the academy. The academy will not have any liability towards compensation arising due to any incident /accident or neither for /refund of the course fee
  6. The damages have to be paid at the time of Passing out. This amount will be informed to candidates at the time of course completion. Fines are collected for damages arising due to damages caused to any academy property during the course of training either individually or collectively.
  7. In case of any dispute the Director/ Managements discretion and decision will be final and the student are to abide by these decisions strictly.
  8. If any person is found guilty of producing false certificate he/she shall be debarred from the course at any stage and shall be liable to be punished as per the law. Such candidate shall be forfeited for the sea service for life. All the fee paid by such candidate will also be forfeited.
  9. On admission to the course all required original certificates will be retained by the academy and shall be returned only after the completion of the course.
  10. All candidates are to keep safe custody of their belongings and the academy is not responsible for any loss / theft of personal belongings. Candidates are strictly advised not to keep valuable articles such as Gold ornaments, electrical / electronic gadgets in their possession during the course of the training.
  11. Candidates are not allowed to keep a cash amount of more than Rs.500/- . Excess cash if any should be deposited with the warden / cashier and can be withdrawn as and when required.
  12. Uniform as promulgated is to be worn by all at all times during training. Hence all residential course candidates are advised to bring minimum personnel clothing as mentioned in form 04.
  13. Candidates are permitted Shore leave in Liberty Dress only on Sundays between 0930 and 1630 hours.
  14. Candidates are not allowed to stay out of the campus at night under any circumstances. Parents are requested not to make any plea for the same.
  15. Visitors are permitted to meet the trainees from 1630 hrs to 1800 hrs on week days and between 0900 and 1800 hours on Sundays and Government holidays.
  16. All are to adhere to the rules of personal grooming. Keeping Long hair, moustaches and beards are not allowed during the training. However, Sikh candidates are exempted from the above. Students are to refrain from wearing any chains, bracelets, rings etc. during the training period.
  17. The academy's infirmary is equipped with adequate first aid medical facilities. While CAAMN will take care of any medical emergencies, it is not responsible for any personal injury or any diseases suffered by any trainee during their training & stay with the academy
  18. Weekly examinations will be conducted through the training and warning letter will be sent to parents of trainees who remains deficient in these examinations. Certificate will only be granted to successful candidates.
  19. All disputes are subject to jurisdiction of Hyderabad city only

Expultion of trainees from Academy

Cases of major indiscipline will be a cause for expulsion from the academy. Minor offences will be dealt by the Director and warning letter sent to parents if considered necessary by the Director. Decisions taken by the management on disciplinary cases shall be final.